Weighted Companion Cube-o-lantern

I'm not the most creative person in the world, but every once in awhile I try. We were carving pumpkins for family night on Monday and I was trying to think of something besides the regular old triangle-nose-smiley-face-with-two-teeth pumpkin. Alison suggested I do the cube. She was referring to the weighted companion cube from a game called Portal in which you weave your way through levels of physics puzzles with your portal gun and anything else that comes to hand.

The weighted companion cube is one of the objects you use to get through one of the later levels and has a hilarious back-story to it. Anyway, here's what the cube looks like.


And here's my initial drawing on paper (Mr. Turner my 7th grade art teacher who often caught me tracing should be proud).


Here it is on the pumpkin after cutting the outline. Pretty happy with it at this point.


And the finished product. Not quite as impressive as I'd hoped, but maybe someone out there can appreciate it.


Written on October 28, 2009